A peek beneath the skin. Anatomy for your Thursday. 

Tabvla libri IIII. from Vivae imagines partivm corporis hvmani aereis formis expressae, 1566, Frans Huys, Pierre Huys and Andreas Vesalius. Getty Research Institute.
Votive Statuette
, 4th century B.C., Unknown. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Surgical anatomy
, 1851, Joseph Maclise. Getty Research Institute.
Male figure with skin removed
from Vivae imagines partivm corporis hvmani aereis formis expressae, 1566, Andreas Vesalius. Getty Research Institute.

One of our anatomies wanted to say hi to your anatomies.

(caption: Unknown maker, ivory anatomical mannequin of a pregnant woman, Europe, ca. 1540. Probably used for teaching purposes. On view in “Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World.”)



Can somebody in Toledo go run a bulldozer into the remaining smokestack shown in the above video? There’s just something deeply unsatisfying about seeing two crumple into billowing brick dust, and having the third standing like somebody botched the job.

But this is how the Ohio city’s mayor, D. Michael Collins, wanted it. After denigrating the old power-plant smokestacks as something from “Stuttgart, Germany, 1947,” he was on the scene Wednesday to oversee their near-complete demolition. The unscathed, 298 foot-tall stack will soon have its top third lopped off, and then if the mayor gets his way will be decorated as a lighthouse, complete with spinning red-and-green lights, because that is better than a boring smokestack.

-Toledo Does a Double Demolition of Smokestacks